Happiness And Happiness Essay: Choosing To Be Happiness?

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Choosing to Live Happily

Does it ever appear to you as if people live their lives trying to attain happiness? The decisions people make every day seem to revolve around what will make them the happiest. No one knows the true meaning of happiness but we all want to have it. Many people try to attain happiness through actions or things. Some people buy everything that they want to try and make themselves happy. Others go through great lengths such as stealing, lying, and even murder hoping to be happy. Since we are all paying lots and working hard to get our college degree, will be happier when we our degree? Does having a college degree make you a happier person? Not a better question can be asked to a college student going through these extreme lengths to get a degree. Will this really bring us happiness or is happiness a choice? People have to choose to be happy. A college degree may further your knowledge but it is not a remedy for instant happiness. A college degree can be helpful in attaining a future that you desire, but your own motivation to be happy is an important key to attaining happiness. While college can help you to pursue a career you enjoy, the degree itself in not your happiness. Having this degree is not going to make you much happier if you are already miserable. Many people feel that since a degree can raise the amount of money you make, you will be happy if you have one. However, there are a lot of miserable people with a lot of money. There are also
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