Happiness And Happiness Essay: The Power Of Happiness

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INTRODUCTION. - Hook : Happiness is a priceless gift in life. - Background information: People have to go through ups and downs wheels of life. We have happiness and sadness, but there are two feelings which create a color for our life. Happiness brings to each of us the moment of sublimation with sweet of our life. - Thesis statement: We must understand what is happiness, how to be happy and the factors affect happiness to make our lives joyful, comfortable and meaningful. BODY. • First main idea. People want to be happy , but in order to be so your needs first to understand what happiness is. Happiness is difficult to define. “Happiness depends on ourselves, who perceive and feel. - Support : According to Mahatma Gandhi and Wayne Dyer “ Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony and…show more content…
However how to be happy is a difficult target to obtain. In his study on this subject, Ricard has shown a question that is happiness the purpose of life? And he wrote every day of our lives, we find a thousand different ways to live intensely, forge bonds of friendship and love, enrich ourselves, protect those we love, and who would harm us at arm’s length. In fact, special in modern-day life have more problems like you though. Therefore, happiness is more difficult to obtain. However, it is a traditional our thinking, because a real story that happiness is a feeling exist in ourselves, it is something you always owned. Therefore, you always have a choose that you want to happiness or not. Most of us spend countless time in stress, anxiety and sorrow and even anger. Even if you attempt any way, you're still unsure achieve your desired results. So the best way to be happy is very simple that is created happy in ourselves and you created happy by respect everything you are having as well as accept and love yourself. This is a key for
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