Happiness And Happiness Essay: The Quest For Happiness

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How to be happy. The quest for happiness is universal. In every age and in every country, people have been trying to find happiness within their environment, within their families, within their places of work, within their communities, and within the world. It is strange that although countless people have been searching for happiness throughout the ages, its attainment remains indefinable. Few of us have found happiness for ourselves. We see how the difficulties of life conspire to deny us true and lasting happiness. Is it really possible for us to achieve this end?

Definition of Happiness.
First, we should analyze what happiness is. A dictionary defines it as freedom from strife, and a state of serenity, calmness and stillness. Inherent
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Whether one is rich or poor, a king or a farmer, one’s life is beset with one problem or another. Causes for Happiness Disturbance:
Even if our physical body is fairly healthy, few can lead their lives without strife. There are many occurrences that produce stress. If we have a family, we know that the illness, unhappiness, or misfortune of any member causes the others to be distressed. Whenever any two people live or work together, there are bound to be tensions due to differences of opinions or viewpoints. When we are not happy with whom we come in contact, we experience stress and apprehension in our day- to-day activities. And this tension prevents us from leading a life of happiness, joy, and
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He had a number of advisors to help run his ministries. One-day king wanted to test his advisors, so he presented them with a puzzle. He took a stick and drew a line in the sand. He asked the advisors to try to shorten the line without erasing any part of it. Each counselor took a turn but all were confused. They could not figure out how to make it shorter, Finally, a clever advisor came forward, took the stick, and carefully drew a line next to the one the emperor had drawn. But advisor made his line longer. By drawing the second line longer, it made the original one look
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