Psychology And Critical Thinking Essay

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Happiness is a feeling that every person strives to pursue in their journey throughout life. People have different outlooks on what happiness might be. For some, it might be material items such as jewelry, expensive clothes, nice cars, and money; others might find happiness in doing activities such as hunting, fishing, or hiking. However, having a few sad days does not mean one will have an unsuccessful life. One might feel down from mourning over a loved one, depression from a breakup, or just outright having a melancholy day. People need these negative emotions just as much as they need the positive emotions because it helps them develop. In the 1990s many psychologists began shifting their studies to positive psychology, which is the study…show more content…
According to Begley, negative emotions can be used to direct your thinking (456). Artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Emily Dickinson who are known to be some of the best artists that have ever lived, used their sadness to inspire and drive them to create absolute masterpieces. Negative moods produce a creative mind because people are able to see the world through a deeper perspective, which can promote critical thinking skills, analyzation, and innovation. Diener asserts this when he states, “ Studies show that when you are in a negative mood you become more analytical, more critical, and more innovative” (456). Therefore, negative emotions, innovative thinking, and creativity are beneficial for one’s mental health because they allow people to access deeper thoughts. While many psychologists are focusing on the benefits of negative emotions, happy emotions are key to one’s happiness. David explains that “More positive emotion is linked to a lower risk of various psychological illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder” (124). It is also proven that the happier one is, the lower the risk is for diseases and allows people to live longer (David 124). While living longer and lowering
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