Happiness In A Streetcar Named Desire

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In the avid pursuit of happiness, an individual can feel compelled to fabricate the truth about themselves in order to achieve the joy that they believe they deserve. The harsh truth of reality can force us to turn to the warmth of a fantasy to ease us in our search of contentment. Such is the case in Tennessee William’s play “A Streetcar Named Desire”, where sisters, Blanche and Stella both lie to themselves and others in order to become satisfied with their lives. Through the eyes of the beholder, happiness is measured differently; to Blanche, happiness is measured in wealth, particularly a wealthy man, whereas to Stella, happiness is in the comfort of a husband whom she refuses to call abusive.
When we are first introduced to Blanche, Williams
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Blanche’s desire for marriage stems from the happiness she felt from her first marriage when she was young. She was completely in love with her husband, and was utterly shocked to find out that he preferred men to the point where she had called him “disgusting”. In the end, he took his own life and Blanche had become widowed. Scarred by the death of her husband, she finds content in the arms of any stranger who admires her façade. Blanche’s dependence on a man is a clear representation of her desperation for a married life. She believes that Mitch could be her future spouse and pursues a romantic relationship with him. While Blanche truthfully begins to fall for Mitch, she approaches him with multiple lies to win his heart. but through the way she chooses to pursue him, she compromises her true shot at happiness with Mitch after the truth was revealed. When Blanche asks what he wants, Mitch replies with, “What I’ve been missing all summer” (120), indicating that Blanche could have had a chance, had she not lied. As a result of her façade, she destroyed the possibility of happiness with
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