Happiness In Our Daily Life

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Happiness is defined as many different things by many different people. There are multiple different types of happiness and people have different views about how to achieve happiness. While some people think that technology usage, like the use of cell phones and social media, and large-scale spending of money on goods contribute to happiness, in reality, spending time in the natural world and having positive and many negatively perceived experiences contribute to happiness. Spending time in a natural environment leads to a better state of mind and, therefore, an overall happier attitude. According to a study published in “Proceeding of the National Academy of Science” levels of “morbid rumination” decreased after volunteers walked ninety minutes…show more content…
This demonstrates how big of an impact spending time in nature can have on someone compared to remaining in their more familiar environment. After even a short experience in nature, people seemed to be much happier than in an environment that is much more familiar to them. There is a group of people that believe that digital devices and other technology in our daily lives can inhibit deep thought and cause anxiety. This group includes Paul Atchley and David Strayer psychology professors at the Universities of Kansas and Utah. These “believers” obviously have some qualifications for talking about this subject. They are both well-respected in the field of psychology and their opinions on the subject should be considered. They believe, along with many other psychologists, that technology can cause a variety of maladies and that the remedy is an experience in nature without technology. Although their point of view is not completely proven, there have been many studies that have backed up their views. Their merit on the subject of
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