Happiness In Siddhartha

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What Makes Happiness Happiness? Everyone defines happiness differently, but everyone needs happiness. The book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse talks about how Siddhartha finds happiness through many ways. He leaves home and his friend, Govinda, to find enlightenment. He starves himself, he learns love, he thinks of suicide… Fortunately, he meets a ferryman, who becomes his best friend also his “teacher”, and helps him find the ultimate way to achieve enlightenment. Siddhartha abandons his relationships, money, and education which bring him happiness, and in the twenty first century, these still bring happiness as the essential steps to take. Relationship makes Siddhartha’s life more meaningful and significant. Kamala, the woman Siddhartha likes, makes a change of Siddhartha’s life, and she has an influence on him, just like it claims in the book: “But still he returned to the lovely Kamala, learned the art of love, practiced the cult of pleasure, where more than anywhere else giving and taking became one, chatted with her, learned from her gave her advice, took her advice”(59). Siddhartha plays with people around him, and the matters of business, but eventually he returns to Kamala, his lover and also his teacher. Siddartha changed himself because of Kamala, he shaves his hair, he buys new shoes and clothes, he even has his own house and servants. He thinks he finds the purpose Liu 2 of life, but this relationship does not last for long, however, this is one
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