Happiness Is A Choice Essay: Happiness Is A Choice

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Happiness is a Choice

There is no greater feeling in the world than being happy. Believe it or not, happiness is a choice that comes from within. According to a theory in Psychology, all humans have a happiness “set- point” that determines their overall well-being. When something positive happens to a person, he becomes happy. On the other hand, when something negative happens to him, he becomes miserable. This happiness “set-point” can come to a point of equilibrium and be reset.

Factors like heredity and the environment correlate to how a person feels and how he gets to moderate his mood swings. Yet, 40 percent of a person's happiness is something that he can control. Thus, it is safe to say that happiness is a choice. It just depends on the person to decide if he wants it or not.

These are some ways to help a person make happiness a primary choice.

The very first thing to consider is making an effort to actually be happy. There is no better way to start being happy than trying it out. A person should veer away
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He should do his best in becoming compassionate, empathetic, understanding, thankful and positive. He should not just look for positive vibes and happiness from other people. Rather, he transforms himself into an actual sharer of happiness and source of it. He should also try to do good things without asking for anything in return. Simple things like trying to encourage someone who is obviously down or helping an elderly cross the street can all go a long way. As the saying goes, “A person cannot give something that he does not have.” For a person to be truly happy, he should imbibe it and be a role-model on how it is to be truly happy. One of the best ways for a person to do these things, is to be open enough to do good things as well. He should always remember that genuine goodness leads to true
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