Happiness Is Important In Life

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Happiness is something we all experience, some more than others. It is thought that we should be happy all the time; however, that is not realistic. Everywhere we go in life, we are told to “Stay positive” or to “Smile through it”, like it is the healthy thing to do or even the right thing to do. Hearing this influences people to do it and it is not always beneficial to them. Constantly being happy is not healthy and can be very dangerous. Too much happiness can also make many people less flexible when it is time to face new life challenges. Experiencing negative emotions is just as important as experiencing joy and happiness. Not experiencing emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger show that a person is not engaged in their life and these emotions push them to succeed and do better in life. Negativity helps people achieve more in…show more content…
When someone is sad, it is seen as a bad thing; however, if we do not experience negative emotions, we will never be able to appreciate the happiness life brings. Overly positive emotions make us unaware to how we are affect others and how we are truly doing in life. In an article from TIME magazine, it states that “Happy people don't just accumulate fortune; they invent things— the lightbulb, the telegraph...” (Whitaker 26). Happy people do not become happy from nothing but positive emotions. In order to be happy, one must experience negative emotions to know what happiness even is. Later in the article, TIME magazine states that “Happiness is not a goal, it is a by­product” (Roosevelt). Happiness is not a product or something that can be made in a factory. Happiness is something to strive for in life and is something that is sometimes hard to obtain due to negative things that come with life. Although happiness might be hard to obtain at times, negative emotions help motivate people to want more happiness from the life they are
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