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What is happiness?
Happiness is the state of being happy. In every each of us’ definitions of being happy and content, be it receiving or doing something that in return give us pleasure. But happiness is not the chase of pleasure. Pleasure is a fleeting moment of which we receive joyful bliss of amusing experiences that make us feel good. However it is not something that we can have all the time. Pleasure is something that we chase in routine, or something that our brain has adapted to seek. But the true meaning of happiness is the state of being content, when life fulfils every and each of your necessity. In other words, perfect happiness comes when you feel satisfied and could not have it any better.

Can happiness be measured?
The measure of happiness is different for everyone. As happiness is a form of emotion that is highly subjective, it is difficult to gauge and measure. Of course, in the real world with so many intelligence working on the scientific research of pursuit of happiness, it is fairly easy to name a few indicators of happiness like the Oxford Happiness Inventory, Subjective Happiness Scale, Panas Scale etc. However, are these really the happiness index that matters? In my opinion, happiness is a subject that is impossible to be standardised. The pursuit of happiness takes on different meaning for different
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Although happiness comes in different forms such as, monetary fulfilment, emotional containment, materialism etc., the pursuit of conquering these satisfactions is to attain pleasure and happiness in the end. Even in religious belief, like buddhism, the goal of achieving enlightenment, which is the state of being satisfied and fulfilled mentally, physically and emotionally, is the end goal. In no way that any individual will, consciously or subconsciously, chose to be unhappy. Thus, happiness is the rule of life
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