Happiness Moment In My Life Essay

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There was something, There was something; No It was inside me. like, everybody, I was in search of motivation, one moment that will change my life and this moment hit me in the spring '17 when my life was full of misfortune, I was recovering from my 2nd major operation in the same year and the Idea was "there is nothing like Eureka moment" that will change my life instantly.One small idea, One small motivation which is aroused from me has to be cultivated to present a grand idea and marvelous life. Since my childhood, every time I won the debate competition or win medals in Olympiad, Or elected as the captain of the class or something else I felt intense pleasure for just a moment of time but I always wanted to do something which will give me long-term happiness, In the process of that vision I subsequently reached one more question what defines a successful person.This was the period of my 7th standard when I reached my first long-term happiness moment and that was just an incidental question "sometimes we find ourselves in a moment which we know we are facing it for the 1st time, still, our mind stun us that you have suffered through the same incident previously too". So, from that moment every time, I have a question I pen down it in my diary as the result I have more than 60 unanswered question till now. I asked my teachers, I mailed the questions to the different professors but there was only on reply and It was From prof. H.C.Verma and he quoted "In which class do you

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