Happiness: The Short Story Of Sadie And Maud

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Furthermore, in the short story Sadie and Maud, it describe how a woman who did not make the politically correct decisions for her life but was still happy. Sadie was a free spirited woman who was happy about her life. According to the story, “Sadie did not go to college,” but she still was able to provide for herself. Sadie enjoyed what life had to offer. She may have been content on what she had, but she was happy. The life Sadie had is the one that a lot of people strive for, and that is being happy with your life, and not trying to live up to what society expects of you. Sadie live her life to the fullest, like there was no tomorrow. She never had to worry about any regrets because she was adventures. Sadie is the type of person that like
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