Negative Effects Of Perseverance

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“Negative” emotions are never thought to be beneficial or accepted in society. Every person believes that when not happy they should shut down and refuse to accept their alternate emotions.Never is there a thought that these unhappy thoughts could be the ones to help perseverance and drive. When angry there is an aspiration to be happy again, when saddened there is a hope that a smile will once again grace the face, and when frustrated there is a want to have a positive distraction.Happiness should not be desired in everything; other feelings are acceptable. Negative emotions positively affect the human brain's way of thinking and encourage perseverance in activities. While happiness can lead to a change in mentality and drive for greatness,…show more content…
When happy, one becomes content in the current position, no longer feeling the need to persevere. When a student is happy while taking a test they will be content in not finishing, but after having a bad morning the student will try to finish the test and get the best grade. Anger and other negative emotions help fuel the need for self­improvement. When happy there is a loss of perseverance because satisfaction is the only feeling. The University of Illinois studied and concluded that “too much happiness” can lead to negative effects and be “not such a good thing” (Begley 454). When happiness overtakes other emotions it becomes the norm, causing happiness to become the normal emotion that is expected every day. Becoming sad over a small incident causes a mental rut that seems impossible to overturn and initiates a depressive state.With today’s society saying the “base” emotion is supposed to be happiness, the negative emotions that are needed to preserve will become unaccepted and the mindset of the pursuit of happiness will become lost. The American Dream is to find the pursuit of happiness and if it was not for struggling working people that did not have much happiness, there would not be the pursuit. Alex Acitman and Katy Steinmetz believe that “ all human beings come equipped” with the American codified pursuit of happiness ( Kluger 26). The tough American lives full of anger and sadness of ancestors show the need for alternative emotions. Their unhappiness helped establish the American dream, showing that emotions, such as fear, anger, and sadness, keep perseverance in hand and used. Although negative emotions cause more logical thinking and perseverance these emotions are just that: negative. Every person needs to have happiness in their life and live the full life to have a
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