Happy Baby Rhetorical Analysis

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Gerber Baby, Happy Baby
The sight of a happy baby is always pleasing to the eyes. It melts and warms your heart, just like the picture of the baby shown in this print advertisement. What message do you get when looking at this advert? What feelings does the advert incite in you? The answers to these questions will form the basis of this rhetorical analysis.
The Gerber advertisement presented showcases a happy, healthy baby as a result of “Gerber Good Start Protect Plus” infant formula with the addition of probiotics. New parents are critical about giving their infants the best possible start in life, thus the purpose of this analysis is to convince parents and caregivers that Gerber good start infant formula provides the best nutritional start for infants as a result of probiotics. This formula is designed to provide nutritional benefits to babies like those found in breast milk. The addition of probiotics helps support a
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a happy healthy baby by starting healthy. From mothers, grandparents to simply friends, this ad allows any given person to understand the nutritional benefits of probiotics to infants.
Analyzing the Gerber print advertisement presented, our eyes first notice the imprint of a swaddled baby located at the top right corner of the print. The word “birth+” is found beneath the print. This is a representation of a newborn baby and the age-group that the product is made for. The imprint appeals to pathos because babies are innocent lives that spark emotional feelings of warmth and care in the readers.
Our eyes move next to the word “The Gerber Generation.” This represents a part of the theme of the advertisement. The text is represented as a curved shape with an informal, playful, and bold font; this forces the viewer’s stare to linger on the words before moving on to the image below. The words are written in purple color and highlights of purple

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