Happy Day Short Story

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I have had a good time at school, it was wonderful. Then there was a new student. He didn’t speak English, not a lot. Chisato (the name of the new student) got better at English after the next 2-3 months. Then he loved soccer as much as he loves his mother and made new friends very fast. It was like he was he was old from this school and already knew about everything. There were some mistakes he’ll make but I show it by example and he does it right. But me I am not like so much as an example but sure is Rajat. He is very much as an example; he made me have help on projects. Is it my turn since Rajat is gone? I’m afraid so, it’s now my turn, but seriously? Maybe I have to, so I went to him and asked, “Where are you from?” he answered, “Is a…show more content…
Everyday was a happy day and there were all having golden happy face day. Same old boring days were falling and days were passing. Our work was as easy as buying things. Nothing was not natural everything was natural. Work was dull and I miss my friends that were unusual friends they have fun with me having lots of joy going on. My best friend when I was in kindergarten I had a friend named Jonas and he was gone. Then there was another best friend he was Mathieu, Eric and the other is Vince and another is Luke. They all were my best unusual friends and they all left the school. This was no good even Chisato won’t be my friend. However I only see Luke in soccer days and no more. I no longer have any best friends and me I am not Chisato’s friend; he was quiet rude and not friendly to me. I just anyway will do it I’ll “example-things” up. I started to show things by exampling it to Chisato and it was boring and lame I didn’t like it however it was okay and I don’t need to teach. He knows almost everything and he has the most common thing he learned how to play is soccer. Everyday seemed happy with showing by example to Chisato was having lots of friends and lots of good skills. He was a very fast learner of
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