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Happy Ending By Pyrine When I’m reading a novel, I hate it when the writer suddenly kills the protagonists or if the character I’m rooting for dies. There’s this WTH feeling that the writer suddenly cheated and I would lose all interest in continuing with the story. Thank you very much Markus Zusak for killing my favorite Rudy Steiner. While clichés put us off happy endings, we definitely prefer a much more light and hopeful ending that might not end with the protagonists having a jump shot by the beach but at least holding hands while the sun sets on the background. Our fascination with sad endings seems to stem from our own eagerness to set ourselves apart from what’s mainstream, from what’s “masa.” We all have this intellectual elitism…show more content…
Weiland, in the 2003 film adaptation of Peter Pan, Wendy describes the stories she’s been telling the Lost Boys as “adventures, in which good triumphs over evil,” to which Captain Hook sneers, “They all end in a kiss.” Like Wendy and the Lost Boys, millions of people escape into the world of fiction to find happily ever after endings. We cheer when the good guy defeats the villain. We applaud when true love conquers all. We find hope and encouragement in the fictional examples that peace and happiness await on the other side of seemingly insurmountable trials. Without doubt, happy endings are enjoyable, uplifting, and…show more content…
You will remember the good parts of course, but your judgment of the whole experience will be heavily biased by the ending. The same goes for a story, if it improves as you continue to read it, there’s this sense that things are getting better. The same is true in a reverse way if the story first started positively and ended tragically. We feel bad, we feel that, well, the characters deserve a happy ending. Same with, let’s say, our personal experiences. We all expect a fair deal wherein after a particularly hard undertaking, we would reap the reward afterwards. That after all the suffering, hardships and trials, there’s this end-of-a-tunnel thing… the end ends brighter. Our lives should be better afterwards because if it isn’t, there is something wrong and we will get frustrated especially if we devoted so much time and energy and actually started very much enthusiastic of the result and our chances of achieving what we want. And that blows… a bad ending to something that we’ve been dreaming of. But then, that doesn’t have to be the

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