Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood Analysis

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In Margaret Atwood’s Happy Endings, she has two main characters, John and Mary whose lives are explored through many different themes including those of life, lust, love, and success. In scenario A, Atwood describes to the reader a perfect couple who fall in love and get married, have children and live a happy life together this is the beginning of the &happy ending.& This first scenario is wonderful and boring at the same time. Atwood is able make scenario A an unimaginative purpose. She is trying to connect the reader with these characters, but in the first scenario there is very little that we know about the couples lives. The only information we have on John and Mary is that their children turn out well, they go on vacation together and they…show more content…
In Scenario A, it was John and Mary together but now we know what she wants from her point of view. In her mind, John, is sweet caring, and is the right guy for her. The author was able to create a more delusion character in B compared to A who is so giving and to make things worse later in scenario B another woman named Madge is added to this story that John is interested. Mary’s friends said they saw the two in a restaurant together and that was the breaking point for Mary’s character. Just the idea of John actually taking his time out of the day to show another woman any type of attention that Mary has never received was something hard for Mary to accept. John never took Mary out before to dinner or anything else that couples usually go to. Her character feels that to make him want her the best thing is to take all of her aspirin pills and a bottle of sherry and to leave him a note. Mary hopes that he will find the note and find her to repent so that they can get married. Unfortunately, her plan fails and she dies and in scenario B Madge and John get married. So much for a happy
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