Happy New Year Essay

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On New Year 's Eve, I saw a homeless man sleeping inside the station. It was crowded and people passed him quickly without noticing him. I hesitated to pass by, but in pity for him I felt sad. Even though the next day it was New Year 's Day, he would have nothing to eat. Could I leave him as he was? I couldn’t. So I bought him a rice ball and some hot corn soup at a nearby store. Surely the next day I would receive Otoshidama, New Year’s gifts of money. With courage I said to him, “Happy New Year!” and gave him the food. Then smiling with no teeth, he told me, “dear young lady, that 's very kind of you. Thank God for the hot food! Happy New Year, too”. I thought that it was a good deed to hand the food to him. His smiling face made me feel glad. I had the impression that this good deed would bring me luck the next year. On the one hand, I had given him a meal, but at the same time, I had warm feelings from him. It had led to sharing some joy. In winter, in the past, I joined “Kodomo Yomawari” with my sister. That is a volunteer activity of children to serve hot meals for the homeless people at night. About 200 homeless people were freezing to death every winter. At first, I was scared of them, actually they weren’t weird. Probably you would have thought that speaking to them was out of the question, but most of them were quiet. They had only lost their jobs. There is always a probability that anyone could be

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