Happy Thanksgiving Week Reflection Paper

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Good Morning, Colleen, and a Happy Thanksgiving Week.

May I pose a few business related questions, if you have a moment?

* Does FVTC offer HR218 / LEOSA Recertification Training? If so, is that schedule available on the website?

* In terms of the NCJTC, PSTC, and FVTC in general, are training classes, (and in particular) seminars and conferences open to retired LE? I have started freelancing with 3 clients in the area of Safety & Security Assessment, Evaluation and Planning - particularly adapting Public Safety Knowledge and Intelligence to Faith Based Events and Houses of Worship. If that pans out in a positive way, I may consider forming an LLC. I believe some LE conferences and trainings would be helpful in keeping pace with old experience and new trends. I have secured permission to be considered for attending programs and events at Hartford and Wauwatosa. Might that be a possibility at FVTC?

* Could I get your observations and opinions of the two times I and my people came down to FVTC for Role Playing help for your programs? I am considering another outreach idea, however I must investigate how viable or acceptable it may be. I will provide a prospectus of this at the end of this email. With your proven track record of insight and honesty, I would greatly
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Even I, as an experienced stage actor, must overcome a mental hurdle in training, because I know that the DVO suspect and victim are actually Sgt. A and Lt. B from the Afternoon Shift. That hurdle is potentially larger for less experienced Officers or Officers who are resistant to "this silly acting crap" (an actual quote from a mid-career Officer). Professionally, Officers should be able to move beyond that. Nevertheless, the reality of human nature

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