Happy Vs. Cotton Candy Lover: Summary

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Round 4- Happy vs Cotton Candy Lover Tony Tony Chopper Happy smirks seeing Chopper. Happy then calls Chopper a tanuki and states that he will beat him. Chopper yells that he’s a reindeer and insults Happy. Happy states he will win the battle for he has wings. The Straw-Hats then grin knowing that the blue cat has lost. Fairy Tail members all cheer on Happy. Chopper uses a rumble ball and goes into monster point. Happy faints. Natsu decides that the dragon slayers should all attack Chopper. Laxus, Wendy, Gajeel and Natsu use their dragon roars... Or try to at least. Chopper picks up the dragon Slayers. Somehow they all suddenly felt very ill, including Laxus. Laxus ate some bad fish he got from Happy. Winner: Chopper is! Even though

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