Happy Wedding Speech: Happy Birthday Dad !

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Happy Birthday Dad!!! Happy birthday to the most amazing, goofy, talented, hard working, fashionable, kind, and wonderful dad in the world. I love hearing your jokes on a daily basis. You are super sweet and considered the best dad in the entire world. I love spending the night with you. I look up to you because you have the best job in the entire world. You pray for people when they are sad. You are going to have an amazing, wonderful birthday. Papa is super proud of you. You are an amazing role model. Dad even when I go off to college I will still come and visit you. I always look forward to spending time with you. When we go to smithfield or have adventures in the car you make me feel super awesome. I love going exploring during the summer.…show more content…
Papa was such an amazing man and he loved you more than anything in the entire world. Papa your son is such an amazing father. He loves me more than anything in the entire world. If papa was here he would bear hug you and wish you a wonderful birthday. Your birthday is so special because you have me right here to spend your birthday with you. You are such a joy to be around. You also finally learned how to use a smartphone. Dad thank you for being my father for 18 years. You have been through so much and I am very glad that you have so many people supporting you. You have so many great ideas for me when it comes to helping me with my homework. As you get older time goes by much faster. I love when we go to wake forest football games together and that we stay till the very end even if we lose. I will always call and write to you for the rest of my life. You and I are both star wars fans and we will be star wars fans forever. Dad I am always going to be here for you. You are the most amazing dad I could ever ask for. Dad the force will always be with us. I can’t believe that you’re turning 58 years old. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do everyday. No matter what I will always love

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