The Campus Crisis Analysis

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In the March 01, 2004 article “The Campus Crisis”, Hara Estroff Marano discusses the many reasons as to why college kids may have it more difficult in today’s time verse the past. The paper goes on to state that mental health cases on college campuses have been on the rise since 1988. Her article brings up a total of 13 major points that all state reasons why collegians are psychologically distressed. Marano poses the argument that causes such as growing up in an unbuffered stressful environment and vulnerability freely flowing on college campuses create what is known as ‘The Campus Crisis’.
The article goes on to suggest that this great instability at home leads to young adults that really don’t know what they are doing. She implies that
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So many kids are suffering from depression and anxiety that it has become a joke to most collegians. The stress on campus and the vulnerability it exposes creates an atmosphere where in order to cope, kids show their vulnerabilities as if it were a competition. Marano’s article quotes Linda K. Hellmich, “The worst offender is poor sleep hygiene. There is a climate of sleep deprivation; students think they can pull several all-nighters without psychological consequences.” I have had many nights where I only get 3-4 hours of sleep due to schoolwork and my job. Despite the negative consequences of little sleep and being aware of negative affects on me, I continue to lose sleep. This is purely due to the fact that I simply do not know what else to do. Large workloads and stress cause me to believe that since I am capable of these sleepless-nights, I may as well continue to have them in order to stay on top. Furthermore, I have noticed things like sleep-deprivation, mental diseases, and overall poor self-care become a trend in my generation. Altogether, the vulnerability being exposed on campus by large work-loads leads to collegians who are very stressed…show more content…
Although I disagree with most of Marano’s arguments, the article does come across as relatable. Times are changing and always will be. Children are growing up faster and the world is moving at a faster pace. However, I believe college has always been difficult and will continue to be difficult for those who decide to enter it. After all, it is a huge transition and for most is one of the first steps into
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