Harajuku Culture

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Harajuku: The Fountain of Kawaii Youthful Culture

The vibrant, colorful, and kawaii culture of Harajuku, Japan’s street fashion capital showcasing its youthful vibe. The epicenter of this trendy and cutting-edge fashion hub is in Takeshita Dori and its nearby alleys—with rows and rows of fashion boutiques, used clothes stores, and anything that exudes extreme cuteness. Meanwhile, head south to Omotesando Hills for a taste of prominent fashion brands, cafes, and restaurants.

Aside from the lively ambiance of Harajuku due to the influx of teens and teen-at-heart visitors, Harajuku also is a home to various historical shrines and museums. And after basking in the of fashion, culture, and cuteness, one can sink their teeth in the sweet, savory,
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Harakuju is a home to some of the delish crepe shops in Japan. Angel’s Heart is easily recognizable with its pink heart and yellow neon light décor and shelves filled with replicas of crepes being that the store serves with prices starting at ¥350. Another early player in the crepe scene of Harakuju is Marion Crepes, which began in 1976. Marion’s blue and red stall and mirror display case of the various crepe variants. A must try crepe flavor is Marion Crepes’ #21 Custard Chocolate Special and its other offerings include sundaes and…show more content…
Pet lovers must add the Hedgehog Café Harry Harajuku. This quaint café, which features live hedgehogs that you can pet while wearing gloves. It also offers a vending machine wherein you can dispense your choice of drinks.

To those who’d like to have a crash course about coffee beans, Koffee Mameya is the place to visit. Here, coffee connoisseurs act as coffee doctors will teach you a thing or two about the darkness of the roast and the roaster where the beans came. They will also prescribe you the right bean for your preferred kind of perfect cup.

Feel like partying? This youthful area showcases a small cocktail bar hidden under transparent curtains and wooden doors. Bonobo features a library with an extensive collection of magazines about Japanese pop rock and art to the tune of amateur DJs spinning turntables freely. On clear nights, screens are opened to add additional space for dancing, barbecue while live music blaze from the basement.

Harajuku, a breeding area for anything kawaii and a face of Japan's street fashion. Patronized by fashionistas and budding photographers, Harajuku reflects the bold, bizarre, and hip culture of Japan, an unusualness that has made its name a stand-out in the
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