Harajuku Fun Madness Analysis

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Marcus Yallow is skipping school with his friends Van, Jolu, and Darryl to play Harajuku Fun Madness. It 's another day of gaming are always preferable to high-school, and then a bomb has blown up the San Francisco Bay Bridge. They’re trying to help for Darryl after he was stabbed in a crowd, the four are taken by the DHS to a secret prison where they 're questioned for days. In his head Marcus calls the boss "severe haircut lady" because he doesn 't know her name. When they 're finally released, Marcus, Van, and Jolu discover that everything 's changed in their City. They don 't know where Darryl is and they can 't tell anyone what happened because they 're still being watched.Marcus 's parents are glad Marcus 's alive. But even at home,…show more content…
Meanwhile, Marcus 's social studies teacher, Ms. Galvez, has been replaced with a pro-government teacher. Ange tells Marcus to throw an online press conference as M1k3y to speak for the X-netters. The Xnet press conference is well attended by virtual avatars inside an online game but the journalists don 't get why this group of teens care so much about privacy. A guy name Zeb who was in prison with Darryl bumps into Marcus outside school and gives him a note. The note outlines what 's happened to Darryl, and inspires Marcus tells his parents, Darryl 's dad, and a reporter Barbara Stratford, all that 's happened to him since the bridge bombing. Barbara starts investigating the story of Gitmo by the Bay, the prison that 's holding Darryl. Marcus finds out his web of trust has been breached by a spy, Masha, who wanted to help fight terrorists but is now sick of spying on people. She says she wants out, and that she 'll help Marcus disappear too. He just needs to make an Xnet distraction for cover. He and Ange organize Vamp Mob, but, when escaping with Masha, Marcus realizes that he needs to stay and fight not run. With the help of some Xnetters, Marcus reconnects with Zeb. Van comes through to
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