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1.0 Introduction Nowadays, Beer is one of mankind 's oldest alcoholic beverage, after water and tea consumption in the world 's third-ranked drinks. Harbin Brewery was founded in 1908. This is China 's first beer brand and was the only one Chinese beer maker. Today, Chinese people still like it. The group has eleven medium-sized beer producer, with an annual sales of nearly one million tons. The current, Harbin Brewery sold to other provinces, autonomous regions and exported to Europe countries. Harbin Brewery 's products are using the "Harbin Beer" or "Harbin" to name, or based on ingredients and manufacturing method to named, main product is: MD, fresh, icy, special ultra-fresh, the wheat king, pure ice . In recent years, Harbin Beer…show more content…
"Harbin Brewery" The reason why you can Compare with international brands, because they constantly upgrade their skills, constantly innovative products. Because the reduction of import tariffs, making Harbin Brewery can purchase more and better beer raw materials and advanced equipment, such as a good quality barley imports, less machining program, so reducing costs. However, the overall technological level of China 's breweries are relatively low, inefficient, polluting, it shows that the Chinese brewery is still a gap compared with foreign…show more content…
From the analysis of the following points. 1, the distribution channels. Well-known beer company has been able to occupy a very important distribution channels and new business only through low-cost, lower prices, advertising and other measures to make the distribution channels to accept them. It is important to open up a new distribution channel high cost, new entrants may not be able to accept and adventure. 2, capital needs. Early investment in advertising costs in the beer industry, brewing equipment investment, corporate liquidity, warehouse inventory and so on requires a lot of financial support for a long time. Capital requirement is too big, too many obstacles faced by

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