Analysis Of Lyddie By Katherine Paterson

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Sometimes, in life, you have to make hard decisions. The book ‘Lyddie’ by Katherine Paterson is about a girl named Lyddie that leaves her life in Vermont to go work in the mills in Lowell, to earn money to pay off the debt for her family’s farm. The working conditions at the factory are horrible and there is a petition going around by one of Lyddie’s friends, Diana Goss, demanding shorter work hours and better conditions. Lyddie is unsure whether or not to sign the petition. Although some people might say that Lyddie should not sign the petition, for she might get fired and take in no more money for the debt, but she should, because if she does sign the petition and get fired, she will have a better life and be healthier. If Lyddie does sign the petition and gets…show more content…
In the text, it says,“Lyddie did not attempt to go to church. Her body wouldn’t have cooperated if she’d had the desire to go(98).” In this piece of evidence, Lyddie is too exhausted to go the church, due to overworking and long hours at the factory. If she wasn’t working at the factory anymore, this most likely would not be happening. Also in the text, it states, “It ain’t right for this place to suck the strength of their youth, then cast them off like dry husks in the wind(113).” In the quote, Lyddie’s friend, Betsy, is sent away with her uncle to Maine for being too weak to work at the factory due to being sick. Her illness was caused by all the dust and lint in the factories. The factory takes in workers when they are young and strong, and when they can’t work anymore, they fire them without another thought. If Lyddie
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