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External hard drives, also called portable hard drives, are a popular choice for data storage among consumers for both business and personal use. External drives offer the convenience of allowing for expanded storage capacity for your data, the ability to back up your internal drives and the ability to easily move files from one computer to another. They are particularly convenient for laptop or notebook users. They are usually relatively light weight and compact, while still able to store a significant amount of data.

An external hard drive is a hard drive that connects to your computer from an outside port. There are a number of popular interfaces for external drives, including:

Firewire (a popular interface for Mac users) Universal
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Keep in mind that your data storage needs will almost certainly increase over time, and be sure that you buy one that will cover not just your short term but also your long term needs.

You'll also need to consider the cache size of the drive. The cache size controls how quickly you can store data on the drive. The larger the cache, the faster you can copy files to your drive. The higher the cache size, the more expensive your drive will be, so let your individual needs and situation determine your purchase.

One of the benefits of using an external hard drive for data storage is that it you can add to size of your backup drive as your storage needs increase. You can add more storage as the amount of your data increases. As the size of the drive increases, your device will likely need its own power source as it won't be able to draw enough power from the USB or Firewire connection alone.

Recovering Data From Your External Hard Drive

Data loss on external hard drives is fairly rare as long as you care for your drive properly, but it still can occur. There are several reasons that might cause your external drive to lose data, such

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