Hard Life In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Hard Life
In the play “A Raisin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry is about the Younger’s, a family of 5 who go through trials and tribulations in the 1945-1950s living as African Americans. They were struggling an economic hardship, Ruth worked in the kitchen for a white family and Walter was a chauffeur for a white man. They work as much as possible for the little they received and given the opportunity to Walter’s sister Beneatha (Bennie) to be able to go to Medical school to become a doctor. Mama who’s mother of Walter and Beneatha they live in her small apartment home also who will be receiving a 10,000 check from her former husband who passed away. Introduced to the characters and learn that the mama is going to receive money and Walter
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Beneatha goes against her mama by saying god hasn’t done nothing for her while Walter trying to invest in liquor and not caring about their unborn child. Mama feels as though something is going wrong and as if she raised her kids wrong blaming herself and her husband for their actions. Mama believes she needs to do something happy for things to be enlightened, so she goes out and puts a down payment on a home in a white neighborhood where no colored people lived before. The neighborhood starts to talk about who their new neighbors are and immediately send Mr. Linder in to represent the community at this point we learn the neighbors want to buy the house out from the Young’s because they want to keep their community the way it is and safe with common surroundings. The Young’s become mad and mama not there be hear what Mr. Linder says they turn his offer down and tell him to leave. When mama returns she has the remaining money and gives it all to Walter hope that help him become more of a man and trusting he’ll make the right decision and first put a savings for his sister’s schooling. Yet Walter doesn’t he gives all the money into an investment and later the next day is informed by Bobo that Willy took all the money and ran off leaving the
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