Hard Life Vs Harry Potter

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Can you recall having to live in a cupboard or being called a freak? Well, In Harry Potter By: J.K Rowling, Harry has to live in a cupboard and in Wonder By: RJ Palacio, August does get called a freak. Harry 's parents died, and he has to live with the Dursleys, and August has a deformed face and is often called a freak. This is why they both have a hard life.
My first piece of evidence is how Harry Potter has a hard life is because when he was a toddler his parents died. That would make Harry’s life hard because they were not there for Him. When he felt different feelings or tried new things, his parents weren 't there. How would he be able to know what was right or wrong?, And what he should and should not do? The answer is, he would not be able to know.That shows that he has a hard life because he would not have those memories, and feelings of his parents and he could go down a bad path without them. Also, Voldemort literally took his childhood away from him and his parents. That is a reason why Harry Potter 's life is hard.
My other piece of evidence of how August 's life is hard is when he goes to his first day of school everyone stares at him because of his deformity on his face. And you can tell that people are whispering and saying that he is a freak. People at school judge other people alot but when you are the new kid and you have a deformity then that makes it even worse. To explain, This one bully named Jullyen put the class photo on
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