Hard Rock Hotel Case Study

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Executive Summary The consumer will go through three stages which are pre-purchase stage, purchase stage and post purchase stage when they are planning to buy a product. Before the three stages the consumer will make a decision for buying a product which is purchase decision to consider process to next stage. In these three stages, the consumer will influence by many internal and external factors which include perception, motive and value, learning and memory, personality and lifestyle. In the purchase decision stage, the consumer will start pay attention to the comment about the Hard Rock Hotel or visit the company’s official or alliance website to know more about the company. Therefore, the consumer who interested in the product will be…show more content…
This is due to Hard Rock Hotel is the famous hotel and their rates is quite high. As known, Hard Rock Hotel is luxury resort and it has over 192 locations in worldwide. The walls in the Hard Rock Hotel Penang are adorned with memorabilia, images and icons reflecting the revolution that changed the face of music, arts and fashion. It's a celebration of popular culture from the 50's through the new millennium. Its clean and fun atmosphere, modern lines make this the ultimate rock retreat for all and very fortunately, they only have one branch in Malaysia which located at Batu Ferringhi, Penang. One of the reason why consumer will pick Hard Rock Hotel as their choice is because Hard Rock Hotel are able to reach their lifestyle. The branded name of Hard Rock is a signification of luxury and high standard. Consumers who stay in this hotel will obviously show themselves wisely. This point was a strongly attractive point that can attract the consumer. Besides, they able to try a worldwide branded resort nearby…show more content…
Some of the consumer concern about the hotel’s quality rather than the price. Hard Rock Hotel Penang was the hotel of choice when consumer visits the Batu Ferringhi area of Penang. Hard Rock Hotel Penang provides luxurious accommodation for those looking to relax while in Batu Ferringhi. After purchase the Hard Rock Hotel, consumer will feel delightful and maintain the satisfaction because of the stunning pool, excellent service and comfortable room. In the consumer perception, consumer likes to think base quality evaluation on Hard Rock Hotel because that enables them to justify their product decision as being rational or objective. Consumers generally have favorable perception toward Hard Rock Hotel that are the first hotel that more likely to

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