Hard Rock Return To Prison Analysis

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The world is a goblet of different types of people, all of which are trying to live the best they can. There is, however, only one earthly or physical guiding force for our actions on earth-the law. Alternatively called the “party killer”, the “great annoyance”, or more simply, the government’s ten commandments, the law is the law-people will either heed to it, try to covertly slip past it, or try to be “above” it. Those who attempt the last scheme are simply law-breakers. Those people could be life-long law-breakers or maybe “one-hit” wonders. Regardless of the case, they all have one common end result-jail time, which varies in duration from case to case. In order to reconcile with the world, criminals serve jail time. They undoubtedly become social…show more content…
Now, the people who commit the crimes know very well they are deserving of their jail time, however, many of them, unfortunately, are subject to experience some anomalies they did not bargain for-poor or even harsh treatment and ultimately, a change in their person, mentally. In Etheridge Knight’s “Hard Rock Returns to Prison” it is exemplified that some people can go through a metamorphosis from one echelon of being an outsider to another, but nonetheless never losing the title. After being in the slammer for a while Hard Rock was taken away for treatment of his
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