Hard Situation Essay

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How can people who live during a horrible time make the situation bearable? Conflict is around us all times and many people don’t know how to deal with it properly. Anne Frank, Sophie Scholl, and Louise chose to remain calm and positive in their hard situation. In the “Diary of a Young Girl” written by Anne Frank, Anne has to live in hiding in an attic, and in order to keep from going insane she chose to look at the best sides of her situation. Louise in “Dear Miss Breed” written by Joann Oppenheim, chose to look outside and realize the beauty in nature instead of focusing on all the pain right in front of her. Also, Sophie Scholl in “Hitler Youth Growing up in Hitler’s Shadow” written by Susan Bartoletti, she chose to keep her opinions to…show more content…
Whether people have a negative or positive attitude, it can cause different situations to happen. As mentioned by Arnold Khan, “When we come to expect someone to act a certain way, we learn to interact with them based on their personality.” In a hard situation the way someone acts can change everything, from how people think, act and even how others respond to different conflicts. People rely on each other to get through difficult times so when they pick up on attitudes or someone's personality it can cause them to react the same way, for better or for worse. How others behave also affects everyone around them. For example, “Behaviors or attitudes that are followed by positive consequences are reinforced and are more likely to be repeated than are behaviors and attitudes that are followed by negative consequences” (Khan). Many people tend to be followers instead of leaders especially when they are going through rough times. They look up to others and follow them in how they act so people can be more comfortable and feel like they belong. Attitudes also affect how many other conflicts arise in an already bad time. For example, “ many difficulties would arise due the combination of characters and opinions” (Frank). Opinions of people affect how others act as a self defense result of the harsh opinions and words used. A positive attitude during a hard time can affect others in dire
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