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Throughout the years, rapid developments have emerged in the field of science and information technology. Variety of gadgets, applications and machines had been introduced. These changes then resulted to a high demand for I.T. specialists who meet the demands of the economy and satisfy the needs of the people. However, nowadays, companies are having conflict on finding I.T. graduates who are already fit for employment. The acquisition of hard skills and soft skills needed by I.T. graduates is significant and is therefore given a big consideration by the companies in hiring employees. Hard skills are the technical abilities needed to perform a particular job. The hard skills employees possess depend on the industry that the employee is working…show more content…
graduating students possess may take a big part in employment but the soft skills that the students acquire are also taken into consideration by the employers. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are self-developed and self-taught. These skills are not very specific to any kind of industry or job. Soft skills refer to the interpersonal skills and/or personal values that I.T. graduating students possess. Soft skills include communication skills, leadership skills, and ethical working skills (Enterprise Rent-A-Car, n.d.). Language proficiency, both oral and written, in English and Filipino which is part of the communication skills is important to be acquired by I.T. graduating students for communication itself takes a big part in the excellent and successful performance of any kind of job. The soft skills acquired by I.T. graduating students is significant because it shows the values that the students can demonstrate while on work, and how the students can fit in the working environment. It also shows how the students will deal with the challenges that will be offered by the industry. In addition, the way the employees treat fellow employees can also affect the overall quality of work to be…show more content…
graduating students” is best supported by the last Theoretical Rationale used for enhancing self-assessment which is the self-efficacy theory. This theory gives a lot of emphasis on the personal perception of the student. On the same way, self-assessment has a lot to do with the way an I.T. graduating student is to evaluate himself as an I.T. specialist based on skills and abilities acquired. According to the theory, the I.T. graduating students’ insight on the ability of applying the skills acquired affects the actual ability in performing the given task. If the student is confident enough on the hard skills possessed, it may not be hard for the student to perform the responsibilities that would be offered by the industry. The student knows himself that he would be able to satisfy the needs of the people and would be able to meet the expectations demanded by the employer. The self-efficacy theory also shows the connection of the hard skills and soft skills acquired by I.T. graduating students. The way the students perform towards given work, the student’s perseverance and patience in accomplishing given task, all affect the way the students will apply the hard skills that are acquired. Employees who are emotionally stable and intellectually capable are more likely to perform a better job on work than those who are not. Failure to be comfortable on the working environment and the

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