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The short story “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor, is about a grandmother, her son Bailey, his wife, and their kids, the baby, John Wesley, and June Star, who are getting ready to go on a vacation. The family has a disagreement as to where they want to go between Florida and Tennessee, the grandmothers argument being that The Misfit, a killer, is heading towards Florida. On the day of the trip, the grandmother is the first one in the car and secretly brings her cat. During the car ride, the grandmother is constantly talking and telling stories; she tells them about a house she visited as a kid. The children get excited and want to visit it, and Bailey reluctantly goes in the direction the grandmother pointed out. It’s after…show more content…
He knows that he is not a good man. He believes that the punishment he has received didn’t fit his crime. The Misfit also believes that the world would be better off if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead. When the grandmother and him were talking about religion he Although he is not a good man, he does feels a bit of compassion for the grandmother when Bailey makes her cry, he says “Lady… don’t you get upset. Sometimes a man says things he don’t mean. I don’t reckon he meant to talk to you thataway.” But The Misfit also shows no remorse when he shoots the grandmother in the chest after she touches him. The conflict symbolizes redemption, The Misfit symbolizes the evil that some must go through to reach the understanding of their own mistakes. The talk the grandmother and The Misfit have between them is mainly about religion, and what was done in the past, the talk leads to the grandmother having sympathy for him. The grandmothers moment of grace causes a terrible reaction from The Misfit. After The Misfit kills the grandmother he says “It’s no real pleasure in life,” which I think shows that the grandmother may have had some kind of impact on him in there discussion. In the final moments of life, redemption could always be reached. In the last moments of her life, the grandmother was a good woman, she showed compassion and care in a time of danger and
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