Hard To Find Grandmother

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In the story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” portrays the grandmother as an old lady from the south, the way she speaks and her attire labels her as a lady. My definition of the word typical is common, average, or a undesirable trait. I think hearing the word typical and using the word typical has a negative connotation to it. The grandmother in this story reminds me of a typical old lady. She is relatable because there are some people who carry the same undesirable traits as the grandmother. The grandmother is a selfish person and a manipulator that only thinks about herself and her well-being. In the story the family was planning to go to Florida, however the grandmother did not want to go and purposely mentioned the Misfit heading towards…show more content…
At that moment, she started as a woman of faith then it later spunned into a confused soul questioning her faith. Moreover, I noticed the cat being a talked about character in the story. The cat is a symbol of the grandmother herself. All the characteristics the old woman portrayed, the cat has it as well. For the reason that, in the story after the car accident the cat clung to Bailey’s neck and he became violent and flung the cat to the tree. I felt as if this was a way of taking his anger and agression towards his grandmother because the cat reminded him of her. After the accident, this was the moment where the grandmother was faced with veracity and temptation. The Misfit in the story is like an evil fallen angel, a man who knows the gospel and dosen’t accepts it. Soon after the story gives a creepy explanation of the Misfit’s arrival by saying, “It was a big black battered hearse-like automobile...the driver looked down with a steady expressionless gaze to where they were sitting, and didn't speak.” Visualizing that event reminds me of death and funeral. Hearses are elongated cars that carry the deceased to a cemetary and the Misfit reminds me of the grim reaper with his hat covering his facial features and expressionless
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