Hard Wood Floor Refinishing Case Study

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Hard Wood Floor Refinishing Refinishing hardwood is such a big task. And the fist thing to do is remove all baseboards, furniture, and other materials from the room. It is also recommend to remove curtains or any other fabric as the work will generate a lot of sanding dust. Empty the cabinets and closet, even if there is no plan to refinish the closet floor. Home owner need to make sure they either have a subfloor underneath the hardwood, or a very thick hardwood floor that it can really handle being thinned a bit. Once a floor is very thin, home owner's chance cracking boards in the future when they move heavy furniture around. The first thing a home owner that will refinished their home needs is a drum sander. Check at a local equipment…show more content…
Dust and very small dirt and grit particles are a nice floor finishes' worst enemy. As people walk across a hardwood floor that is slightly dirty their feet act as sanding pads. If the grit particles are very large enough, they will actually scratch the finish. Over time, common or normal foot traffic can and will eventually erode the layers of clear finish exposing bare wood. This is to be prevent and avoided at all costs if possible. The good news is that owners can restore the hardwood floor how many times they want. The even much better news is that dust can be prevented and kept to a minimum and possibly eliminated it completely. Because the clear finish on floors has yet to wear through to the nice wood, owners have 2 choices. Find sand hardwood floor, hardwood floor finish repair, wood floor staining, staining hardwood floor, hardwood floor staining, how to sand wood floors, hardwood floor scratch remover floor refinishing without sanding. The traditional method used for many years by excellent professional hardwood floor refinishes is screening. A very low speed buffing machine, and equipped with a special pad, lightly scuffs the clear coat. The scuffing restore/removes minor imperfections and prepares the floor so the improved and new coat of urethane will

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