Hard Work In Marching Band

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Hard Work earns success in marching band. Continuous playing , short weekends, and exhausting practices gain your band praise and pride. The continuous playing in band class and then at practice after school seems to never stop. After the practices are done you get the songs so stuck in your head that they feel like the songs are implanted in your head. We mostly learn the song during band camp but we perfect them in band class throughout the school week. On the eighth day of band camp we played for so long that I got a migraine so bad that as I was playing my eyes watered up and I had to get outside for some needed silence. For the upperclass men they could almost play the songs already because of their experience but for the freshmen to play at a level four years above them is a lot more challenging.
Our weekends are only one day long compared to the average of two and a half. On Friday we are required to go to the varsity football game. We play pep tunes on the sidelines as we'll as perform our show at halftime. We have to be at turpin at around 5:15 and get back at around eleven or midnight. This takes off my Friday and Saturday of my weekend with only the Sunday to
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We start by warming up, stretching and practicing basic marching technique. We march forwards and backwards across the field holding in our strained muscles from collapsing. This gets us in the habit of standing up tall and focusing so our instructors don’t make us do the drill again to get it right. After this we move on to the show. On certain days we work on certain parts of the show trying to perfect them. Other days we just work on big chunks and bring it all together. We repeat this over and over until our instructors are satisfied in what we have done. We have two hours of practice after school on Tuesday and Thursday, and from six to nine on Wednesdays. It is exhausting but it is amazing to see what we can
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