Hard-Work: The Autobiography Of Calvin Coolidge

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In life, when we accomplish our goals we get so consumed with the happiness from completing it that we forget what made that possible in the first place, hard-work. Everything that I have in my life right now and everything I hope to accomplish in the future is all because of the hard-work and dedication I put into everything I do. This way of life was no different for President Coolidge. The hard-work he put in throughout his youth and continuously into his adult years led him to his success of becoming the 30th President of the United States of America. This value of hard-work he is able to show through his career in public service, I find most important and is of great value today and in my life personally. Growing up, Calvin Coolidge learned what hard-work was at a early age. He helped out around the family farm and resumed responsibility for when both his mother and later on his sister died. He states, “I early learned to drive oxen and used to plow with them alone when I was twelve years old… constant care of domestic animals… my responsibility” (The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge, 27). Children who learn early on what it takes to become an adult are better prepared for what lies in their future. These basic…show more content…
His achievements just like many others show and reflect the dedication he puts into all of his work. I can say confidently that the student I am today is because of the effort I put into my work in school as a child and how I learned at an early age what responsibility is. I have been so proud of the goals and things I have accomplished through my life thus far and I know if I keep pushing myself to be the best that I can be that I will be able to tackle anything that life throws at me and be able to succeed in anything I set my mind
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