Hard Work Philosophy

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You only get out of it what you put into it. If you do not put anything in, nothing will come out. This quote has been juggled about in my mind many times. It is my personal philosophy. I believe that my hard work will have a favoring outcome one day and it will most certainly not go to waste.
For myself, working hard pays off predominantly in sports. In fact, my personal philosophy emerged from sports. Working hard is substantial when it comes to sports. Practicing and training has a big effect on performance. Putting in hard work is crucial if you want to succeed.
Coaches will say that if I want to play, I have to earn my spot. In order to earn that spot, I have to work hard. If I do not work hard, I know I will not get a spot. If I do not put anything in, how can I expect something in return? When i train or
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All week would be practice and weekends would be strength. When February rolled in, I knew school softball was right around the corner. This meant that I needed to work and work hard until tryouts. Tryouts came before I knew it, and I could not have been more nervous.
Day one ended and I left the field feeling like I should have done better. Day two came with an odd feeling. My name was called to be put in the upper level. I entered that group and I never left it. I was ecstatic. I had made varsity. My hard work payed off and I made it to the next level. Freshman to varsity was a massive jump. The climb from one level to the next was not easy, but I did not give up. I believed.
The words my dad had said to me stuck in my mind. Those words really influenced me to become a better athlete and overall, a better person. My dad believed in my ability. He believed that I would only get out what I put in. I believed that he was right. I believe that my hard work did pay off. I do believe that since I put work in, I was rewarded in return. I believed in myself. I
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