College Admissions Essay: The Value Of A College Education

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Being the eldest and the first in my family to be this near to a college education has certainly filled my life with loads of stress and responsibilities. Given the fact that I will be the first to attend college, my family never prepared, or planned, for the task of paying for such high college expenses. Thankfully, my family and I have had enough to provide ourselves with basic needs throughout the years but have never been financially stable enough to provide for nonessential items. I am satisfied with all the hard work I have been able to accomplish and I do not intend to let my financial status define the amount of education I am able to attain. Therefore, I am willing to put in extra time and effort to sign up for as many scholarships as I possibly can. Growing up with two other siblings has been a true joy in my life, but due to the inevitabilities of life, my parents split,…show more content…
There has been struggle in maintaining and fixing broken utilities that contribute to our daily lives and allow us to live with comfort. From broken pipe lines to our broken air conditioning, my mother has been forced to put in extra money into giving us a normal daily life. As mentioned before, there is really no money to spare therefore it takes time and patience to finally get things fixed around our house. This past summer, my family and I spent our time sweating due to the absence of an air conditioning system. I mention this experience because it was perhaps one of the most physically uncomfortable and mentally challenging situations I have been placed in. For two months I had to help my mom keep the spirits of my two younger siblings up while continuing my studies by attending a summer college class. More than misfortunes, these experiences have been life lessons that have shaped the person I am today and have given me a greater sense of

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