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The book Hardball by Chris Matthews gives deep insight about politics. Throughout the book Chris explains different strategies or concepts used in politics, also know as political maxims. He explains how they are used, how they work, and he gives historical evidence showcasing each political maxim. There are many quotes in Hardball taken from history that are used to explain and demonstrate different political maxims. This is a quote used in the book coming from previous president Jimmy Carter. “He’s not going to win. It’s a Republican district. He’d be better for us if he loses. He’ll work for me. He’ll bring his organization with him”( Carter ). Jimmy Carter had a plan for future opportunities instead of pouncing on the current opportunity. “Carter recognized that his best hunting ground for support was among those who had been shut out politically”(Matthews 64). Jimmy reached out to people he knew would want to help so they receive recognition. these people would improve his chances of success. Jimmy wanted to build as big a network of supporters as possible. Jimmy Carter’s approach in this case is best represented by the political maxim that it’s better to receive than to give. He never helped the people he reached out to but he knew they would help him. Instead of helping the congressional…show more content…
“I’ve lived across the street from you for 18 years,,, i shoveled your walk in the winter. i cut your grass in the summer … I didn’t think I had to ask for your vote.”( O’niell ). He never forgot her response. ‘Tom, I want you to know something: people like to be asked’ ”(neighbor). Tip was surprised because his longtime neighbor wanted to be asked to help him. He had done all these things for her in the past and they knew each other well so he did not think he needed to ask. Always ask, try to get as much help as
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