Hardships Faced By The Germans In The Early 1790s

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In early 1790s when the English and Spanish were taking over America with their technology, social, economic and cultural power. It became one of the many places people wanted to go to because of all the opportunities it had to offer when they declared Independence Day on July 4, 1776. There have been billions and billions of many different groups of people that have stepped foot on American soil. Groups such as the Europeans like England, Spain, France, Scot-Irish and the Germans. Africans were also a group that descended into America. Some of these groups escaped from their mother land due to wars, servitude and over populated societies that resulted in less food and work. They were also looking for religious freedom and social climate differences. …show more content…

The Germans had would keep everything to themselves, once they got to the Americas they kept to themselves and stayed true to their culture. They came to America suffering many hardships. Looking to escape the servitude in Germany and enjoy the liberty America offered them. But the Germans soon found themselves in lands that were already dominated by other groups. They ended up being slaves suffering and going through the same hardships they tried to get away from. Germans kept their culture between themselves even when the English tried to force them to send their kids to their school and learn the English ways. “Through Lutheran, reformed, or pietistic church schools, parents protected their children from religious values” (Olsean and Beal pp. 46). The Germans weren’t as socially dominant as the English and Spanish were because English didn’t like them socializing with their own people as stated by Olson & Beal “English Colonists required the Germans to take loyalty oaths, and during the colonial revolution wars, suspecting them, erroneously, of being pro-French. For the most part the two groups kept their distance” (Olson & Beal pg.35). The Germans viewed the revolution as a good cause for …show more content…

This group had an economic advantage over the other groups for a short period of time. The Scot-Irish planted American potatoes that help them increase their agricultural production ultimately competing with England. England was aware of the economic problem they were having because of the Scot-Irish and persuaded parliament to cut the trade route between the England and the Scot-Irish “Alarmed about shrinking markets and failing prices, in the 1690’s English merchants and landowners persuaded Parliament to close England to Irish cattle and dairy products” (Olson & Beal pg. 38) The Scot-Irish were unhappy with England while they were in Ireland, the Penn family and with the proclamation act Line of

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