Hardships In Eva's Life

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I think that both Cindy and Eva both developed and evolved into the story throughout their hardships. They evolved because at the beginning of they hated each other, but now that are very good friends. Also, they learned to like school and cooperate with the teacher. They also have seen many people die in front of their eyes so they can relate to people dying.

Eva develops and evolve from begin to end of the story. She had to go through hardships like: people dying, Dad goes to jail, and friends going to jail. First, she had her Dad go to jail because he was wrongly accused of something he didn’t do. Second, she had to go through school because if she didn’t she would have to go to a reform school so she decided to go to high school.
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She had to go through hardships like Eva but not as much as Eva, a hardship is friends dying in front of her. First off, she didn’t have it as bad as Eva did, but they were in the same situation as Eva was in school. Second, at the begging of school Sindy was neck and neck with Eva but they got to know each other and they became good friends. Now about the English class, Sindy didn’t really mind the class, from what I saw, because she was not paying attention to the teacher she was talking with friends. After the teacher could gain control of the class she started to more attention to what the teacher was saying. In the end Sindy made a new friend and she like a class in school for once in her life.

I think they are similar in many ways. One way is that they both had a friend die before in front of them. Also, at first, they were not too fond of English class, but they learned to like it a lot. They also used to not like each other one bit but, they learned to like each other a lot more than they used to. They also both learned to value their class time and they both took time to sit down and read their book that the teacher assigned them. They both had a lot of things similar but those were the ones that I thought were the most important

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