Hardships In Joe Rantz's Life

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Not everyone has a perfect life in today’s world. Many of us have gone through hardships or, are going through rocky times. Kelly Clarkson once sang,”What doesn't kill you makes you stronger” and that's exactly what i'm going to prove. Hard times don’t always destroy you and make you stronger as a person. Joe rantz, and Olympic rower for the 1936 Olympics, had many hardships in his life. His mother died when he was four. His step-mother Thula hated him, and his family abandoned him three times. Joe worked hard, and he learned that his team was his family, and he could depend on them, his hard work and determination allowed to go to the Olympics and win gold. My mom, Tina Luffman, was born in Crossville, TN, in 1981., Crossville is a very small town and isn't the nicest place to live. My mom had two sisters shawna and Lindsey.almost no one leaves crossville and becomes super successful, my mom would not have either if it wasn't for her aunt Epsy. My mom had a huge obstacle in college, and that was me. She got pregnant with me during college. People told her she would never be able to handle a baby, and her homework, and she had a very hard time with that, she had to have a sustainable job to take care of me and pay for college and she didn't think she was ready for it, but she didn't give up. Finally, she did it she graduated…show more content…
Before he was famous, he was fired for lack of imagination. If he had Given up from that there would be no Disney World, no Disney channel, and no Mickey Mouse. However he got up and he went to his garage and created a little mouse and prove everyone wrong. JK Rowling, author of harry potter, was told to quit eight times. Even on the ninth time they said yes, they still told her to get a day job, because they didn't harry potter could make money. If she had quit there wouldn't be any Harry Potter world or the great adventures of Harry
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