Hardships Of College

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College students go through many changes and hardships that they may not be used to and it may cause them to drop out of college. These changes and hardships include the cost of college, the stress of college, and not being emotionally ready for college. Many students are not aware of the money, work, and mental strength they need to earn a college degree. Keeping life in order during college is a hard task and many students cannot make it through. College is a very difficult time in every student’s life but for some it is too much to handle and it causes many students to drop out. Many students do not realize the high cost of college and what it takes just to get to class. Some of the main costs of college are tuition, books, room and board, and a babysitter (if needed). Many students can find help with tuition and books through financial aid but for most this does not cover all fees. If a student has a child, then they also must worry about how they will pay for childcare. These fees are very expensive and the only way that a student can pay them is with a full-time job. A full-time job opens a whole new problem that college students face, which is too much stress.…show more content…
Many college students are committed to keeping a 4.0 GPA which is especially hard with having to balance school, work, and life. Many students have a full-time job and kids to deal with while they are in school. The most stressful part of college is keeping up with all the assignments given. This is hard for new college students because it is usually a lot more work than they were used to in high school. Many college students are not ready for all the work they are must put into school to make good grades and this is very
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