The Hardships Of Love In Sonnet 116 And Valentine, By Frank Mandarano

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The Hardships of love Everyone goes through struggles and difficulties in their relationships, achieving goals and overall everyday life. The theme “The hardships of love”, showcases how maintaining love is difficult, why not to expect love to be easy, the challenge of putting yourself second and knowing why hardships in love exist. Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare, Trials by Frank Mandarano, I will always love you by Whitney Houston and Valentine by Caroline Duffy, all exhibit these challenges. Sonnet 116, by William Shakespeare is an Elizabethan sonnet which portrays an utopian view of love. However, the poem also discloses the hardships and challenges people trying to maintain love can face such as death, opposing third parties, tempests and time. Nonetheless, Shakespeare declares that love should endure all the problems it faces. Sonnet 116 and Valentine by Caroline Duffy are similar because they both mention the…show more content…
The speaker mentions becoming selfless due to love and how love can endure through complications. Comparatively, the song and the poem Trials, by Frank Mandarano are similar due to both texts revealing how love endures hardships. Trails details love overcoming all obstacles, announcing, “inside we get though because of something special we share.” The speaker in I Will Always Love You divulges how even through impediments a couples love will endure, stating, “I’ll think of you every step of the way.” In the song, the speaker expresses the sacrifices they withstand for the person they love, declaring, “if I should stay I would only be in your way.” However, they possess no animosity and desire the best for the other person, stating, “I wish to you joy.” Through those two quotes, Whitney Houston shows us that if a person puts themself second when they love an individual and the focus is not on them, hardships become
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