Hardships Of Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The Hardships of Love In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, various relationships are present, where the characters persist through the obstacles of love in order to be with the one they desire. The notion of “love knows no bounds” is achievable in the bond in which two companions share, but only if they endure the hardships that come about. The difficulties that the lovers must cope with are numerous, but some more significant than others. Love is blinding - it is capable of altering the way one perceives and views things. Love can also be inconsistent, as not all can withstand loving only a single person. Finally, love is unfair. It is an emotion that can lead to cruel situations and pitiful acts. These three aspects of love…show more content…
The cruelest of all is having a passionate affection for another, but only to having their feelings denied. This occurs when Demetrius adamantly refuses the love of Helena and blatantly insults her for trying. Helena begs even to act as his dog, which he replies with “Tempt not too much, the hatred of my spirit,/For am I sick when I do look on thee” (2.1.211-212). Helena is treated with such a cold attitude even though all she wishes is for Demetrius’ love. She is in such a pitiful state that the audience is meant to see how cruelly she is treated. Love is brutal as seen from these examples. Love is not as happy as it seems to be; it presents how in reality, there is always a vicious component. Love is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. There are many obstacles that one must face to maintain the love in a relationship. Love is blinding - when someone is deep in love, they fail to notice and realize certain things, and sometimes will not think logically. Love is blinding and is capable of blurring out the entire picture. Love is wavering, it is not always constant. Finally, love is unfair at times. Not everything can end out perfect. Love, in the end, is a marvelous thing that is present in each and every
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