Harlan Coben's Article 'The Undercover Parent'

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Digital Parenting
“It is the uninvolved parent who has to resort to strictness.” -Andrea Bocelli.
In this digital age, parents, instead of installing invasive software to monitor their children’s online activity, should develop open and trusting relationships with their children, as this is the best way to guard their kids against potential dangers and respect their kids privacy.
In his article “The Undercover Parent,” Harlan Coben from The New York Times, claims that children are most vulnerable online and parents should install spyware on their child’s computer in order to protect their child. Using anecdotes from fellow parents and other cases of online threats, he supports his argument by stating that watching their kid’s online behavior is no different than watching them at the park (generally seen as responsible and necessary parenting); therefore, it is the moral obligation of all parents to protect their kids from online predators and bullies, even if outsiders would say that using spyware is
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This ruins the relationship you have with your kid, as it only makes them feel like they have to be secretive with you about their lives. They will find a way to get around whatever software you install; however, this time, if they ever encounter a cyberbully or predator, they will not tell you or ask for help because you have demonstrated that they cannot confide in you. Your children are not your property. The second they are born they are their own separate person with their own rights, including the right to privacy. As a parent, it is not your job to police what websites your children use or who they speak to; your job is to love them and teach them as best you can how to take care of themselves and how to come to you with their problems and
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