Jack Henry Harley Critical Thinking

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Reading Journal #8
Harley (2010) defines thought as “the manipulation of ideas with an outcome that can enter consciousness” (p. 90). The thinking would be formal for internal processes unable to be observed. The behaviorists proposed the introduction of objective stimuli in the responses chains of the Thinking process; moreover, behaviorism considered language and thought to be the same thing, and that thinking is a sort of sub-vocal speech. I am curious about whether the people, who are completely paralyzed because of an accident or an unfortunate disease, are able to think.
This reminds me of a movie (true story) I saw time ago, it was about a man, I cannot remember his name, let us say Jack. Jack suffered from paralysis of all voluntary muscles except for those that move the eyes after a car accident. For the first three months, he couldn't even open his eyes. During this time, he was fully conscious and heard medical personnel discussing his imminent death and asking his family if they wanted to remove life support. After several months, his girlfriend convinced doctors that he was aware and thinking. Jack could move his eyes, and communicated by staring at letters on a letter board. Jack was the narrator in the story.
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We do have “the impression of an inner voice, watching, chiding, and guiding us” (p 91). Taking into account Jack’s experience, he did thought, he felt the need to communicate; and he also solved the problem. Therefore, this inner speech is used to monitor our thoughts and behavior assisting us certainly in cognition. My grandmother always told me “think before you talk”. Now I think I can explain her phrase. That is, allow your mind organizes your ideas before you release the words, to be sure you find the best way to communicate under any
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