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Harlean Carpenter was born on March 3, 1911, in Kansas City, Missouri. Her father was a successful dentist and her mother had dreams of being an actress. Because of her mother’s dream she ended up divorcing her husband and moving to Hollywood with her daughter. Harlean’s mother never let her see her dad but she would sneak out to see him anyway throughout her years. Her mother ended up remarrying to a man named Marino Bello and they moved to Chicago. Growing up Harlean was a sick child she has meningitis and scarlet fever. At age 16, she moved out of the house and ran away with Charles Fremont McGrew II. They ended up married and living in Beverly Hills. Harlean soon changed her name to Jean Harlow. Jean was her mother's name and Harlow was her mother's maiden name. She changed her name and started to make films but only to please her mother. Jean and Charles got a divorce after only being married for…show more content…
Everyone hated her because of how she acted in the movie. She went on with her career in acting despite the negative reviews about her. In 1929, Jean Harlow and Charles Fremont McGrew II got a divorce. She played in other movies throughout the years and she soon married a film director named Paul Bern in 1932. Just a few months into the marriage Paul Bern committed suicide while Jean was shooting in Red Dust. Her personal life began to unravel and the media started to stir up rumors about her and her personal life. MGM kept her out of the spotlight till it passed over. Knowing her career was in danger, MGM arranged for Jean to get married to a cinematographer, Harold Rosson, in 1933. This relationship only lasted to 1935. After starring in the movie Reckless, Jean and William Powell fell in love and got engaged but never married because Jean soon became sick. Jean Harlow died on June 7, 1937, in Los Angeles, California. Everyone was shocked at the fact she died at kidney failure at age

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